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Most of the Backpackers hostels in Pakistan are owned by people who love to travel, see beautiful places and experience different cultures just like you. What makes us different from most other places where you could stay is that we love what we do, and that is the reason we opened our hostels. As always backpackers talk about the hostels they enjoy the most. Because of knowing each other through backpackers we decided to create this website.

We want to make you feel at home. Each hostel will have its unique ambience. Many of us can provide lots of beneficial information about our area based on our experiences and our contacts within the local community, which should help you plan your activities and adventures. We offer beds and rooms for all who seek value for money budget accommodation in Lahore! With a fantastic crew of staff, located in the heart of Lahore (Lahore's liveliest area) and only a heartbeat from Lahore's most popular attractions.

Please let us know if you have any suggestion by contacting us. This will help us improve our services for future backpackers. So from all of us we truly hope you enjoy your stay in Pakistan. And remember when you go home to tell everyone you know what a great country Pakistan is.